Genesis Street Supernova Charity Auction

3 min readJun 28, 2021


ONE WEEK after our inaugural pack sale for our Genesis Street collection, we will be auctioning off our 1 of 1 Supernova rarity sign on Atomichub. All proceeds from this auction will go to the Climate Emergency Fund. On Saturday, July 10th, 4pm UTC we will begin the auction, no reserve, no limit. This one of a kind sign encapsulates and showcases the entirety of Genesis Street and all five of it’s signs. The animation will also contain unique music sampling to go with it. See below for a sneak preview!

Neon Space Genesis Street Supernova

IN ADDITION to this sign, the auction winner will also receive a 50x50 plot of land in the Uplift World on the genesis server (2250,4700 coordinates). See screenshots below for some sneak peeks. This land plot will be in the heart of our developing Neon Space community plot. In this neighboring community plot (Genesis, 2100,4800) we give build rights to our valued community members to envision and embody Neon Space. All rewards earned on this community plot will be given back to the players and members that built it. Winning this auction will put you smack dab in the middle of the ever-growing world and community of Neon Space. We hope that this winner and soon-to-be land owner will continue to grow with us!

With each subsequent collection in Neon Space, we will continue to auction this Supernova level rarity to a different charity. For Genesis Street, we have chosen the Climate Emergency Fund as our charity of choice. This charity focuses on supporting grassroots activists and organizers fighting for impactful climate change legislation and action in the fight against global warming. The Climate Emergency Fund particularly focuses on large scale and immediate action, rather than small incremental goals typically seen thus far in our communities. The WAX blockchain and community have been a major leader in recognizing and actively working to offset the carbon impact from the crypto ecosystem to create a carbon neutral network. We wholeheartedly support this action and are doing our part to support this effort.

Please consider joining and participating in this auction on July 10th. We truly appreciate your support and engagement as we continue to create a better blockchain and a better world.

Sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU,

  • Neon Space Team
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