CryptomonKeys Collaboration Sign Release

After many months, we are finally ready to release our CryptomonKeys collaboration sign! This sign will be 100% freely distributed, keeping in line with the precedent set by the CryptomonKey team in creating community driven and freely accessible NFTs.

The SNAPSHOT and AIRDROP of packs will happen on September 18th, 19:00 UTC.

The pack OPENING will start on the one year anniversary of CryptomonKeys, September 19th, 2021 at 19:00 UTC.

For more info on the CryptomonKey project, see their website here:


These signs will be released as one-card packs. Each pack has a random chance to pull one of the four Neon Space rarities (dim, lit, glow, neon). There will be a total of 1,725 pre-minted one-card packs, distributed as follows:

  • 40% — 690 : Airdrop to CryptomonKey holders
  • 25% — 435: Community engagement
  • 20% — 345: Airdrop to Neon Space NFT holders
  • 10% — 175: Promotion through WAX communities (35 each for NFT Insider, Burst_of_Energy, Sammy Snake, Upland Action News, and Menacetec/Mercenary Art Studio)
  • 5% — 80: CryptomonKey Team

Airdrops will be randomized through BountyBloks and automatically distributed to wallets holding CryptomonKeys and Neon Space NFTs (packs excluded).

Community Engagement

The distribution of these packs will happen over the course of time. Packs will be given away through our daily marble races, poker nights, stream raiders, Haxball and other giveaways facilitated through our community. We also plan to develop community rewards through engagement in the Uplift and Immersys metaverse games.

To stay up-to-date on our giveaways and community events, join our Discord server:

Mint Structure

The total mints by rarity and the percentage chances are detailed below:

  • Dim — 1,200 mints, 69.5652% — no animation/static image
  • Lit — 400 mints, 23.1884% — light & flickering neon animation
  • Glow — 100 mints, 5.7971% — view of Neon City and camera movement animation
  • Neon — 25 mints, 1.4493% — view of Neon City, longer camera movement, original music

We’re excited to share our latest artwork with you!

-Neon Space Team

Neon sign collectible art NFTs on the WAX blockchain. Follow along as Neon City grows in the Metaverse!